We believe that the living and true God, our triune Creator, has instituted the worship of himself by all people everywhere in spirit and in truth.

Because man’s chief end is to glorify God and fully to enjoy him forever, all of life is to be worshipful.

Nevertheless, worship itself consists primarily in specific acts of communion with God.

Public worship occurs when God, by his Word and Spirit, through the lawful government of the church, calls his people to assemble to worship him together. In public worship, God’s people draw near to their God unitedly as his covenant people, the body of Christ.

An assembly of public worship is not merely a gathering of God’s children with each other, but is, before all else, a meeting of the triune God with his covenant people.

In the covenant, God promises his chosen ones that he will dwell among them as their God and they will be his people.

We believe that the triune God is present in public worship, not only by virtue of the divine omnipresence, but, much more intimately, as the faithful covenant Savior.

In public worship, God communes with his people, and they with him, in a manner which expresses the close relationships of the Father and his redeemed children, of the Son and his beloved bride, and of the Holy Spirit and the living temple in which he dwells.

Here is an example of our order of worship.

Our Order of worship

The Lord’s Greeting
Promise and Greeting

The Lord’s Call to Worship

Our Response
Opening Praise
Opening Prayer
Opening Hymn

The Lord’s Word
Scripture Reading

Our Response
Confessing our Sins

The Lord’s Love and Grace
Assurance of Pardon

Our Response
Confessing our Faith
Pastoral Prayer

The Lord’s Word & Sacrament
Today’s Text
God’s Word Declared

The Lord’s Supper

Our Response
Closing Hymn

The Lord’s Blessing