What to Expect

At Bethel our primary focus on Sundays is to worship the Lord our God in as God-honoring and as Biblical a manner as possible. While worshipping with us, you can expect to:
  • Read the Law of God from the Bible that reminds us of our sinful condition and need of a Savior.
  • Read the Gospel from the Bible that reminds us of the Lord Jesus Christ, the substitute for sinners, and the new life that those who believe in Him have in His name.
  • Sing historic hymns of the church, as well as arrangements from the Psalms.
  • Hear expository preaching, typically verse-by-verse exposition of a book from the Bible, from beginning to end.
  • Celebrate the Lord’s Supper, given by God as a means of grace, to bless, strengthen and unify the church. At Bethel we partake of the Supper frequently, three times a month.
  • See and hear the congregation together praising God.
  • See and hear children. Having our children in worship with us can take some training, especially with with young children. We also provide a nursery for very young children.
  • Reflect quietly at times during the service.
  • Engage in friendly, caring fellowship with others before and after our worship service. We love to meet and talk with new worshippers!